The Society of Vintners is the exclusive importer of the best selling San Giorgio and Arcano wine brands.

From the sunny hills of the Veneto region, rich, ripe grapes produce Pinot Grigio, fragant, fresh and crisp with a hint of tropical fruit. It is excellent with starters, delicate first course dishes, seafood and fish.

As well as from Pasqua in Verona (, this is a family run business for over 80 years and take a real pride and passion in there wine making. The group have an exclusive label being San Giorgio - Pinot Grigio. As ever with this very popular wine, the juice is stunning, great packaging and offering very good value for money.

A pleasant, balanced, harmonious and fruity wine of good structure with floral notes and hints of pear and apricot, 100% Pinot Grigio.

Also from Pasqua we have a lovely Sparkling wine called "Prosecco Treviso" Spumante Extra Dry.

The wine pours a bright straw yellow colour, with some greenish hints; the nose is pleasant and fruity, with good intensity.
It has a fresh flavour, and to the palate the wine is pleasant and harmonious.

An ideal aperitif wine, it goes well with appetizers, white meats and fish.

A lovely Sparkling "Raboso (Rosé) Spumante" Extra Dry from Botter, we also have in the offering. This is 11% abv and a perfect aperitif, but also excellent with fish soups, grilled fish and courses based on mushrooms.

Some tasting notes: Light rosé colour. Elegant and intense bouquet.Dry, soft and well-balanced on the palate; round and full bodied structure.

Enjoy this wine when still young to fully appreciate the sparkle (perlage) fragrance and flavour.

The two wines under our exclusive Cortestrada label are excellent examples of the quality that is now possible at the lower price end of the market, and both the Pinot Grigio/Garganega blend (white) and the Sangiovese (red) wines show all the appealing characteristics of these typical Italian styles.

"Passimento Rosso Veneto" from Pasqua, this is a wine known as the baby Amarone. Made from drying grapes into wooden trays from the harvest = Merlot 40%, Corvina 30%, Croatina 30%. Abv is 14%.

Deep ruby red in colour. The nose has intense aromas of red berries with hints of spices. The palate is balanced with velvety tannins, and it has a soft and round finish. Great with red meat and game or with aged cheese.

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San Giorgio
Pinot Grigio

San Giorgio Montepulciano

San Giorgio Pinot Grigio Label
Pinot Grigio Rosé
San Giorgio Pinot Grigio Rosé
Arcano Pinot Grigio
Arcano Pinot Grigio White
Arcano Pinot Grigio Rosé
Pasqua Prosecco Treviso
Pasqua Prosecco Treviso
Raboso (Rosé) Spumante
Raboso (Rosé) Spumante
Pinot Grigio
Cortestrada Pinot Grigio
Cortestrada  Sangiovese
Passimento Rosso Veneto
Passimento Rosso Veneto

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