Vin de France

It is a measure of the group's vision and pragmatic flexibility that it has negotiated successfully with three different suppliers from the Loire Valley, all of whom enjoy significant trade with the group:-

Le Cellier - L.G.C.F.

Under the 'Le Cellier' brand name which belongs to the consortium, a vast quantity of Vin de Table 'House Wine' is supplied to many members. The range now has four styles: Dry and Medium Whites, Red and Rosé.

Denis Marchais – VDP France

Here we have to offer an exclusive range to the SOV from France, called Denis Marchais. These come in five styles - Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah Rose and Sauvignon Blanc. All of a very good quality drinking Vin de Pays and very reasonably priced.

Les Celliers du Prieuré

As well as a standard range of traditional generic Loire wines, this supplier works closely with a number of members who ship Vin de Table under their own particular 'House Wine' labels The Valentin Fleur range of Vin de Pays named after the grandfather of the present M.D. is a relatively new concept already finding much commercial success.

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Le Cellier
Le Cellier Dry
Le Cellier Medium
Le Cellier Red
Le Cellier Rosé
Denis Marchais


Denis Marchais Chardonnay


Denis Marchais Cabernet Sauvignon

Denis Marchais Merlot

Syrah Rosé
Denis Marchais Syrah Rosé

Sauvignon Blanc
Denis Marchais Sauvignon Blanc<

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